Namely, the system will be installed on a very large crude carrier (VLCC), which is under construction at KHI and due for delivery to MOL. It is intended to develop KHI-made steering gear equipped with sensors that monitor pressure, flow rate, temperature of hydraulic oil, consumed power and so on, and high-speed data acquisition system that has a large storage capacity.

As explained, the high-speed data acquisition system collects not only data from the steering gear, but also other various types of data, such as vessel speed, course, engine load and rudder angle, during a voyage. In-depth analysis of this data will lead to improvements in vessel reliability and energy-saving operation. The project is expected to complete by end of March 2021.

This effort is a part of MOL’s technological development initiative, the «Ishin Next – MOL Smart Ship Project», intended to leverage the knowledge and know-how gained through the development process for various ship types, with the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance safe operation and reduce vessels’ environmental impact.